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Influencer marketing has never been more recognised than this, it is leaving traditional marketing way behind. The secret of its success is quite simple.

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So What Exactly Is Influencer Marketing?

It’s one type of marketing of ofcourse where social media influencers with a big or medium promote your product or services to their followers and viewers. These social media influencers could be Youtubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers and many more.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

Influncer marketing is more influential

How many people, especially the young generation have you seen watching TV or looking at billboards? None, right? Because it’s all in social media nowadays.

People have their favourite youtuber, favourite intagrammer, favorite blogger. No one cares what ads come on the Tv, it’s all about recommendation from a trusted individual and in this case an influencer.

It uses social media

Social media is like a basic necessity for the present generation. We all are connected by it and it is used by almost all of the people.

When you use such a powerful medium it is bound to give you results.

Greater return on investment

Do you know it takes millions of dollars to promote a few seconds of ads on TV? And thousands of dollars to put billboards and flyers yet the outcome is most of the time underwhelming. Influencer marketing is much cheaper in that sense. You are, most of the time, paying one individual and the payment is much less than traditional marketing. The profit you get out of those investments are way more than your investment. There are no better marketing techniques than this.

Influencer marketing creates trust in your probable customers

When people see their favourite online person promoting a product or service, they are bound to appreciate the product more. You will see tweets, facebooks posts from the followers and free marketing when you choose the right type of influencer to market your product.

Step One On Successful Journey..

Why Hire a third party for influencer marketing

Why Do You Need a Third Party To Help You With Influencer Marketing?

  1. Influencers get hundreds of emails each day, from brands asking then to promote their products. You could hide behind those chunks of emails never able to stand out to them. With Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency, you can be sure that you are getting in touch with the right people. We have a strong reputation and connections in the market to get you through those heaps of emails and messages to be noticed by the influencer of your choice.
  2. We know who to hire. Not everyone who has many followers has the potential to sell your product. If it’s an account with a lot of followers, it is not necessary that the admin has the kind of audience that can buy your product or services. For that, we can determine the potential of an influencer and their power of influencing their followers to buy your product.
  3. Managing the payments. Keeping track how much you need to pay the influencer, and how to come in terms with how to pay them.
  4. Hiring a third party agency saves you a lot of time. Since we work with PR agencies and many brands, we have approached and have connected with thousands of influencers, we know how to get to an influencer without wasting any time.

Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency provides quality service at a reasonable price. We have a trained team who will take care of all the aspects related to influencer marketing of your brand so you don’t have to worry about a single.Call us to know more or fill up the form on the website.

What Are You Waiting For?

Potential customers are going to your competition! Contact Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency today, our team feels privileged to work together.

People tend to lean more towards word of mouth than towards big banner hoardings or facebook ads. If their family member or friend is recommending something to them they are more likely to avail it then seeing an ad on TV. A social media influencer is much closer to their flowers, and the followers see them as a friend, as someone who they can be or who they already are. When such people recommend a service or a product to them they are more likely to believe in it thus making influencer marketing much more effective.


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