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For most businesses nowadays it is important to have a good reputation online and offline. With growing competition and the ease of spreading rumors, it becomes easy for competitors or just anyone to spread fake news, post bad reviews or spread false rumors that can crumble your years of hard work within a few seconds.

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How Your Online Reputation Can Be Jeopardised

Poor reviews

Reviews are important for new customers to judge your products or services. They will read the reviews on google, blogs, social media sites to get an idea how the product works, what the experience of the customer with your products have been and that’s how they determine whether they invest money on your brand or not. If the reviews are bad, even one review will make them cautious and prevent from availing your services or buying your products.

Social media comments

When you post any social media advertising on twitter, facebook, Youtube or instagram there are millions of people who will see the ad and comment on it. Comments that will spread fake information can put a dent of your reputation and the product you are putting ads for.

Social media posts

Social is universal and anyone who has a smartphone or computer can access it. If one person comes with the idea of demeaning your product or service there would be hundreds who will follow without knowing the full trust, following others blindly.

With the recent cancel culture, in no time a misinformation, a post against your brand and bring your company down.


Twitter is one of the major online sources of information for many. As easy as it is to catch up on news on the platform, it is also possible to spread any fake information by any person without the trace of who started it. One spark can blow up to be a full-brown fire and you will have no control over it.

Step One On Successful Journey..

Reputation Management

How Do We Provide The Best Online Reputation Service Near Me (you). What Do We Do?

For Bad Reviews

If we see a bad review that is not justified, we can get in touch with the person and ask them what made them give the bad review. Sometimes all people need is for someone to listen to their issues and listen to them. We can apologise on your behalf if their experience was bad, and we can give you feedback to not let it happen again. We can request them to change their review and offer them something in return for it, like a refund or replacement product. In 90% of the time this works and the brands end up getting valuable feedback as well as better review.

Reviews that were falsely made with wrong information, we can help them remove it legally. We have legal professionals who know they can get in touch with respective authority to remove the fake reviews.

Building a Good Reputation Through Our Service

Only removing the bad reviews, comments or posts is not enough, we also take proactive steps to develop a good reputation for your brand. We do this with online presence, tweeting pr replying queries online. We make sure that online and offline a good coverage of your business is happening at all times.

Removing or Reply to Negative Comments or Reviews

When you put up ads for your products or service there would be thousands of comments that can become difficult to track after a few days. However people who are watching your ads would most definitely read these comments and draw their conclusions. We make sure all the negative comments are removed as soon as possible.

What Are You Waiting For? Your Improved Online Reputation is Only a Click or Call Away!

Potential customers are going to your competition because you haven’t taking control of your online reputation management! Now is the time to take control and win back the reputation your company deserves Click or Call Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency today, our team excited to take your company to a whole new level online.

All major brands have their marketing team closely monitoring all kinds of media to make sure there is nothing that can put their reputation at risk. As a small or medium size business, if you want a best in class service by a team of professional online reputation management specialist who have experience, training and knowledge in maintaining online brand reputation by using the top online reputation systems and tools in the ORM business, then Click or Call us NOW.

It is quite natural that you will act with anger and sadness in times when someone falsely defames your brand but you need someone who has knowledge to take care of your public reputation with the right words and the right actions. Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency is among the most preferred reputation management companies and our clients renew their contract with us every year.


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