We would love for you to join us in congratulating her in the remarks below, and also bonus points if you talk about the cause that is closest to your own center!
The best portion of all, however: it’s not pretty much reflection. It is about actions. Fellows in the program have launched over 2,500 leadership ventures, employing the opportunity to tackle everything from improving health access, to fighting domestic violence, for enhancing sustainable living, and outside. It’s important, highly impactful material.
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Mozzers believe doing good, if we’re helping new SEOs learn the ropes, encouraging young girls to think about a career in STEM, or just keeping a dog-friendly (and thus smile-friendly) office. It’s why a lot of our articles and tools are available at no cost. It’s why Moz includes a generous worker donation-match program that matched over $500,000 between 2013 and 2017, supporting associations which makes the world a more just and charitable place. It is why we partner with programs like Year Up, Ignite, along with Techbridge to inspire the next generation of technology leaders.

“Executives are often criticized for building successful companies without committing to the communities which helped them along the way,” says Sarah,”but we must direct as much in our communities because we do in our companies.”
Here at Moz, we’ve been fortunate enough to profit from Sarah’s influence for many years — we all know she’s good men and women, indoors and outside. And now, we can not wait to see her make waves on the planet at large with the aid of the Henry Crown Fellowship.

Our Own Sarah Bird Joins the 2019 Class of Henry Crown Fellows! 1

Tech companies and executives frequently face deserved scrutiny for its next – and – third-order impacts of their successes. It is a difficult truth that the benefits and costs of tech improvements are not shared evenly between all people, and the price to our environment is often not fully accounted for. The consequence is an understandable backlash from technologists.
It is a part of the DNA.

Our Own Sarah Bird Joins the 2019 Class of Henry Crown Fellows! 2

“To be able to alter this,” adds Sarah,”we need to earnestly and with rigor dip into the ecological consequences of our work. Those people with excellent power and privilege have to comprehend and embrace our own role in developing a more just and healthful future. I’m called to make a difference, and I am glad there is a software out there to provide a frame and responsibility for actions.”

The Henry Crown Fellowship is an influential program that allows leaders to embrace their internal do-gooder. Every year, approximately twenty leaders from around the world are accepted into the fellowship. Having proven their victory in the personal industry, every new Fellow uses this opportunity to play an identical part within their communities, their own nation, or the world.