Review Management

Review management is one of the major aspects of brand reputation management and creating a positive image for a brand. Reviews can come from various sites. It can come from all the yellow page sites you have listed your company in.

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It can also come from social media, personal blogs etc. Sometimes keeping a tab on all the reviews from all the places can be atd bit difficult if you don’t have a team specifically to do the review management. Reviews are the most obvious outcomes as customers browse for online companies, often showing up before they even have a chance to pick a search engine outcome. What’s more, the things customers read online would certainly have a big effect on their decisions. Positive online reviews draw 50 per cent in, while negative reviews drive away a 50% of them.

Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency is like a well-formed, experienced and trained team that will work from your company to manage all thus reviews with utmost efficiency. We us, you don’t have to hire extra people and train them to do the work for you, we do it all.

Customer Reviews

Why Are Customer Reviews Important?

With the increase of people’s presence on the internet and the effectiveness of judging a product by it’s reviews, it has become essential for people to read the reviews before hiring a company, buying a product, callug service etc. The review can give various information about the product to a potential customer. For example, for a salon they can read the reviews to determine the customer service of the place, the hygiene of the place, the professionalism etc. If they see it’s not up to the mark, they can simply move to some other salon and check their reviews. Reviews tell a lot of information for a product or a service. Reviews can make or break your company, remember a good review has less power of attracting a customer than a bad review has pushing a customer back. So you need to up your game to make sure all the reviews are trustful and none is spreading any fake information that can affect the brand reputation.

We Make Sure To Respond To Customer Feedback

Oftentimes bad reviews, the genuine ones that is, comes with feedback. No company is perfect, mistakes happen and how you learn from is the key. When you take positive feedback from a customer and apologise to them for your mistakes it can put a long lasting, trustful experience for them. Those customers can even come back and try your product or service again if you take their feedback seriously and appreciate them for their input. Keeping up with the customer can even get them to change their initial review to a better one.

Step One On Successful Journey..

Tracking Reviews

Keeping Track Of Your Reviews

Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency keeps tracks of all your reviews throughout the internet. We have a dedicated team of efficient workers who work night and day to keep a track of the revows.We have specialised software to get alerted whenever someone talks about your brand, posts about it, leaves review, writes a blog about it. We can get in touch with people who leave bad reviews and listen to what they have to say. We can resolve their issues and get the review schnaged. We can remove any false reviews, any bot review and reviews from non-customers. We can also respond back to review with a proper response for the public to see. Such responses make sure that we care, that we are not blind to the mistakes made by us or the things we need to improve. This creates a trust in your future customers and reassures them that they will be heard in the future if anything goes wrong.

What Are You Waiting For?

Potential customers are going to your competition! Contact Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency today, our team feels privileged to work together.

Getting More Positive Reviews

Most people are not very concerned about putting reviews until and unless something goes wrong and they are enraged. If this continues you will have more bad reviews than good one. To cancel out bad reviews, you also need to have an influx of good reviews in equal amounts. Next Brand Ninja Digital Marketing Agency prompts your customers before or after getting the service to leave a review, this reminds them to leave a review once they have availed your services.


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